Young Carers Day Switzerland 2019 (11.05.)

Who are young carers?

Young carers are children and young people who provide unpaid care to a family member who is physically or mentally ill, disabled or misuses substances.

The tasks and level of caring undertaken by young carers can vary according to the nature of the illness or disability, the level and frequency of need for care and the structure of the family as a whole

Why a young carers day?

The Flying Rotarians want to give the Young Carers a day that focuses on them. It’s a day they take home as an experience they hopefully won’t forget. Of course, it should have something to do with our passion aviation.

This year it was not possible to make a flight on the day itself. However, the dates for this have already been arranged to make up for it. The group met at Zurich airport and after an extensive tour of the airport they had the opportunity to get to know the internals of the pilots and cabin crew. The tour through the Swiss Operations Center, including the Emergency Room, was just as much an experience as the subsequent exploration of the aircrafts of the Zurich Flying Club MFGZ. Pictures speak more than 1000 words.

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